Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Mayo Echo Fearlessly Exposing Nobody But Themselves

The Cottaging Times Eyeing up the talent since 2004!
Oh, and Twenty
and Grandad
and Slugger


Rosie said...

man, that took me ages to read. quare funny though. i hope you sent them a copy.

Green Ink said...

Good. I actually expected a deluge of "huh"s.

I think I'll email the link to him all right.

It's isn't it?

Nay said...

Fair play! Geraghty's an awful bigot and deserves every lash of the karmic whipping that's on its way. I wouldn't excuse a blog post of that vein but to publish such unfounded, subjective trash in a regional paper is outrageous. If ethos in running such a story was genuine, a campaign for action from local Gardai would be a reasonable move. Unsubstantiated attacks on vulnerable individuals is downright sensational and thoughtless. Damage to the public in dragging the local forum into closure as a direct result is further proof of the Tony Geraghty's inadequacy in his role as editor of the Mayo Echo. Good riddance!

Green Ink said...


blacknight said...

I listened to the podcast of Mr Geraghty on Liveline. He was asked why he wouldn't / didn't contact the gardai. His answer is indicative of his mentality.

Nice work with the number plates!

(and thanks for the link)